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Patented Sound Pillar

SoundPillar is a sound pillar that connects the sound of front and back plates of acoustic guitar.It has been manufactured with the special material most suited to the propensity of sound, which is Gopherwood's patented technology.

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TGA22P-GW Preamp

TGA22-GW, a dual-channel pickup optimized for Gopherwood, has been developed in cooperation with 'SH Creative Music. It presents a sound like actual studio recording by adding the presence of condenser mike to Gopherwood's clear tones.

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Sound Sample

equipping or removing SoundPillar with/from guitar makes the propensity different. Also, modifying both tips of SoundPillar into different materials changes the sound propensity to be suited for characteristics of the relevant material.

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One Guitar, Five Sounds

  • SoundPillar
  • Walnut Wood tip
  • Compressed Wood tip
  • Ebony Wood tip
  • Maple Wood tip
  • Brass tip

- By changing the upper/lower tips, one of accessories of SoundPillar, you can have changed tones suited for characteristics of each material. You can realize diverse propensities of sound suited for your performing style and genre of the rendition.