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Title Gopherwood Ark30 amplifier is released
Posted by Gopherwood (ip:)
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  • Date 2023-03-21 10:52:47
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Gopherwood Ark 30 amplifier

Introducing an electric guitar amp with a 30-watt output that uses a JFET preamp with the same operating principle as a vacuum tube, providing a more enjoyable experience for guitar players.

You can enjoy natural and warm tones in a room, small practice room, or studio with a boutique-designed guitar amp at a reasonable price.

Key features of the Ark 30

■ 30 watts, JFET preamp, and Class-D power amp

■ Dual gain, dual volume, 3-band equalizer, 1-master volume

■ 2-button footswitch for gain boost and clean boost

■ Premium 10-inch 4Ω speaker unit

■ Bass reflex for solid bass sound

■ Closed-back cabinet with deep size for rich sound

■ Return/Send connection for connecting effects

■ Built-in analog cabinet simulator and headphone out.

Advantages of JFET preamp:

1. High input impedance: It provides rich expressiveness with minimum signal loss.

2. Low noise: It maintains clarity and wide dynamic expression in the signal transmission stage.

3. Natural tone: It maintains warm and natural tone without artificial coloring or distortion.

4. Dynamic response: It adequately represents the picking dynamics and player's touch and feel, similar to vacuum tube amps.

JFET preamp with the same operating structure as vacuum tube preamp

The JFET (left) preamp has the same operating principle as a vacuum tube (right), and can achieve similar sonic characteristics, making it possible to express the high-impedance signals of electric guitars in the mid to high-frequency range more naturally and warmly with a wider dynamic range.

In particular, it has minimal loss in the high-frequency range and faithfully captures the nuances of the player's performance, comparable to a vacuum tube amp.

Class-D Power amplifier

Despite its high efficiency and small size, it is suitable for generating high-quality audio signals with low distortion and low heat generation.

In other words, it can be made small with low power consumption and low heat generation while delivering high power and high sound quality.

2-gain, 3-band EQ, 2-volume, and master volume

With 2 gain controls and 2 volume controls, you can switch between up to 4 different guitar tones while playing.

The 3-band EQ provides rich tonal variations for the player, and the master volume further amplifies the overall volume.

The footswitch is designed for gain boost and clean boost

GAIN A/B functions as a gain boost, while VOLUME A/B functions as a clean boost.

A footswitch that operates the same as the switch buttons on the control panel of the amplifier is provided as a standard, and it is used by connecting it to the FOOT SWITCH jack socket on the rear.

※ Note that the buttons are arranged at an appropriate distance for easy switching with one foot.

The Bass Reflex and Deep Closed-back Cabinet

The Bass Reflex, installed in a duct shape at the front corners of the amp, enhances the low frequencies to be more solid and full.

The cabinet is a closed-back cabinet that blocks the backside of the amp, and is relatively deeper in depth. Due to this depth, the internal air is combined with the front and rear vibration of the speaker unit, and is sent out through the Bass Reflex, resulting in even deeper low frequencies.

The premium 10-inch 4Ω speaker unit 

Which is customized through delicate design, using a cone with high elasticity and excellent restorative power to faithfully express the damping of electric guitars.

Experience the textured sound of the premium guitar amp dedicated unit with a 10-inch size and 4Ω impedance.

SEND/RETURN, Analog Cabinet Sim...

① AUX IN: Outputs audio from external music playback devices to the amplifier.

② CAB SIM: Select between two analog cabinet simulators, open back or closed back, at the headphone output.

③ PHONE: Headphone output jack.

④ RETURN: Input jack for the output of an external effects processor.

⑤ SEND(LINE OUT): Output jack for sending signal to external reverb or delay effects, or for line output.

⑥ FOOT SWITCH: 2-button footswitch input jack.

⑦ DC 19V: Input jack for the power adapter.

⑧ POWER: Power on/off switch for the amplifier.

Footswitch and power adapter included

The package includes the Ark 30 amp, footswitch, and AC/DC adapter.

The front grille is attached with Velcro and can be detached, allowing for speaker unit replacement, repair, and upgrade.

※ The speaker unit can be used with both 10-inch 4Ω and 8Ω, but for sufficient output, use 4Ω.

Specifications of the Gopherwood Ark 30

● Origin: Republic of Korea

● Color: Uranus blue

● Amplifier Type: Solid state

        ■ Pre-amplifier: JFET

        ■ Power amplifier: Class-D

        ■ Output Power: 30 Watts RMS

● Controls: 2-gain, 3-band EQ, 2-volume, master volume, gain S/W, volume S/W

● Power: AC/DC adapter

        ■ Input: AC 100~240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5A

        ■ Output: DC 19.5V, 3.0A, Center positive

● Speaker

        ■ Speaker Unit: 10” 4Ω GW-custom unit

        ■ Cabinet: Bass reflex port and deeper inside

● Effector loop: Pre-amp out, power amp in

● Instrument Input: One 1/4”

● Auxiliary input: 1/8” stereo

● Headphone output: 1/4” stereo with the analog cabinet simulator (Open back / closed back)

● Channel: One with 2 x 2 switching

● Accessories: 2-buttons foot switch, AC/DC adapter

● Dimensions: 440 x 380 x 280 mm (W x H x D)

● Weight: 10.6Kg

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