Roasted Wood of Gopherwood Guitar

The vintage sound of the 1970’s.

- Enhanced resistance to warping
- Warm bass sound
- Vintage sound
- Impeccably dried woods
- Stronger body resonance

This Gopherwood guitar recreated the vintage sound of the 1970’s through optimized drying techniques aimed at lowering moisture content to extreme levels that prevent deformation.

Gopherwood’s Patented Technology, the SoundPillar

Functions of SoundPillar

- Transmits and shapes the soundboard response
- Balances the guitar output at high and low fret positions
- Dampens destructive vibrations
- Enhances the EQ captured by the internal electronic pickup.
- Prevents deformation of the front soundboard

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2016 Music China in Shanghai

'Gopherwood at Music China'

How to change the SoundPillar

No changes to the strings are necessary.

How to remove and replace the SoundPillar without loosening the guitar strings.