Roasted Wood of Gopherwood Guitar

The vintage sound that you could feel in the 1970s!

- Enhance resistance to warping
- Warm bass sound
- Vintage sound
- Good dryness
- A clearer tone & more resonance

It reproduces vintage sound felt in the 1970s due to excellent dry condition. Similar to naturally aged wood with lower moisture content, so wood deformation is remarkably reduced.

Gopherwood's patented technology, SOUND PILLAR

'Functions of Sound Pillar'

- Transmission of deep and clear sound!
- Best balance felt in a high position!
- Clean sound that shed unnecessary reverberation!
- Fantastic pickup(EQ) sound!
- Prevents excess deformation of the fron body plate!

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2016 Music China in Shanghai

'Gopherwood at Music China'

How to easily Soundpillar Change

'Without loosening the guitar strings'

How to easily remove and attach the soundpillar without loosening the guitar strings.