Sam Mitchem

My name is Sam Mitchem, a 23 year old guitarist/songwriter with a passion to create and present a moment to every song I make and every stage I play on.

At 10 years of age I pick up the guitar and at the age of 17 I started performing professionally across the country with artist and producers who I call now friends.

I always believe talent is second to friendship. With true friends, my music life has been a rollercoaster that made me a great player and moment maker today.

I have played for and recorded for artist/producers such as Percy Bay, D. Jamel Kimbrough, Leon Timbo, Todd Dulaney, the pack drumline, Shana Wilson Williams, Byron cage, Bri Babineaux and so much more. My longterm goal is too make room for God through the guitar for people as well as create great music for the world to hear.