Worship Partner

Aaron McClain

I’ve been a worship leader for 8 years and have been a musician for 15 years. I recently moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado from my home, Atlanta, Georgia to be a full time worship pastor, and a singer-songwriter. I am also a worship leader with an international collective of worshippers called “Worship Mob” based out of Colorado Springs. I have the absolute privilege of leading and recording worship moments with Worship Mob regularly to post on YouTube as well as serve the church and community locally by hosting a weekly worship night called ‘Friday Night Fire’.

God has allowed me to travel across the USA, and to other countries to lead worship, share the gospel message, and create deeply intimate spaces where the believer and the non-believer can encounter Jesus. It is the joy and call of my life to see Jesus get his full reward for His sacrifice in me and in others. I believe that my partnership with Gopherwood Guitars will support the global Church and her mission to reveal Jesus, be His hands and feet, and make the whole Earth look like Heaven.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and God Bless Gopherwood Guitars.