About C.I

Gopher Wood extends a sail and forces
its way through the rough waves!

The logo of Gopherwood symbolizes rough waves, and the beautiful sails of an ark straining in the strong wind as it moves through the ocean.


Gopherwood is the name of a type of wood described in the Bible as one of the materials used for the ark that Noah built.
It is known as the tree used when Noah, one of the Bible characters, built an ark.
Just as many people dismissed Noah’s ark-building project as “impossible”, we at Gopherwood Guitars were told similar things (and worse) while we were researching and developing our SoundPillar technology.

After hundreds of trials, experiments and refinements, we finally succeeded in developing the sound-adjustable SoundPillar, and amazed the world as a result. Just as Noah’s ark was the beginning of a new era, we believe that Gopherwood is also the beginning of a new era in the acoustic guitar industry.

We hope that Gopherwood Guitars will be a bold new voice that brings your art to life.