About C.I

Gopher Wood extends a sail and forces
its way through the rough waves!

The logo of Gopher Wood represents the "choppy waves" and "flapping sail".
It symbolizes an ark proudly cutting its way through the rough sea with a flapping sail.


Gopher Wood is the name of the tree.
It is known as the tree used when Noah, one of the Bible characters, built an ark.
Just like many people pointed accusing fingers at Noah when he was building an ark in the mountain,all said it was "IMPOSSIBLE" when we were researching and developing our sound pillar technology.

But as a result of ceaseless trials and errors, we finally succeeded in developing the sound-adjustable sound pillar and amazed the world. Noah's ark was the beginning of a new era, and Gopher Wood is now beginning the new era of technology in the global acoustic guitar industry.

We truly hope Gopher Wood could infuse a new hope and life into all those who play Gopher Wood guitar.