About Our Company


Gopherwood Guitars is a new and innovative guitar brand which has been sky-rocketing up the acoustic guitar product market in just a short period of time both domestically and internationally.We have adopted a new design on the conventional appearance of the acoustic guitar, by collaborating with some of today’s top designers.

Gopherwood Guitars feature a clear and balanced tone that is realized through our new and innovative "Soundpillar” technology. The Soundpillar technology is the world’s first of its kind.

Our patented "Soundpillar" enables a single acoustic guitar to realize a wide spectrum of different tones. The excellence of our innovative design and patented technology has been proved by the response of the Asian market, and the overwhelming response from the US and domestic markets alike.

Gopherwood Guitars assures that each instrument is of the highest quality, sensuous design, and innovative technology.